Hurricane Harvey devastation

DBC Touches Hurricane Harvey Victims

Dallas Bethlehem Center News

By Fran Lobpries
DBC Donor Relations

DBC backpacks and books head to Harvey landsIn the wake of Hurricane Harvey, thousands of school-age children were without schools, much less the things that make up a school from books and paper, to walls and desks. We are grateful that our donors who contributed to this year’s backpacks (First Richardson UMC) out-gave the need at Dallas Bethlehem Center. And to many of you who have shared new and gentle used books that have outpaced our bookcases, we also offer a big thank you. So, in the spirit of passing on the grace that was shared with DBC, we loaded up these gifts of books and backpacks and headed to the Houston area to share.

Creech Elementary school entrancePictured here is the Creech Elementary school in southeast Katy, Texas, where school and life is far from normal. You can see the devastation caused by the hurricane and flooding as people fill dumpsters and line the sidewalks of the houses adjacent to the school with damaged belongings and debris. As far as you could see for blocks and blocks, family’s belongings were stacked at the curb to be hauled away.

Fran Lobpries and granddaughter KateWe were lucky to meet up with a group of women, preparing dinner for 25 of the displaced families that night. One of those women is friends with the principal of Creech Elementary and accepted the donations on her behalf. While they worked they leaned on each other for strength to continue the help as long as it was needed. In the den, you could hear voices of their collective 13 children getting their homework finished with the help of one of the neighborhood teens (my granddaughter Kate).

It was an inspiring and gut-wrenching trip that helped me to see, all the more, the many blessings surrounding each of us. Thank you for giving to Dallas Bethlehem Center, where we honor your gifts to those in need … in and outside of our walls.