Give Children a Safe Place: STAR of HOPE 2016

Dallas Bethlehem Center News, StarOfHope 2016

Dallas Bethlehem Center is a place of HOPE in South Dallas

We help children and families who HOPE for a SAFE place.

DBC helps children and families who HOPE for a SAFE place.

The Dallas Police tell us they know of many drug houses near Dallas Bethlehem Center. While the police do close them down regularly, they also know they cannot arrest their way out of this problem. Women and children are most adversely affected, finding themselves further isolated from the larger community out of fear through exposure to the drug culture.

After-school, sports and Scouts, and Saturday performing arts programs at Dallas Bethlehem Center provide educational enrichment, food security, and safety for our children and volunteers.

Watch Trey talk about DBC being the difference between AP classes and jail:

You can help give children in South Dallas a safe place to get tutoring, a meal, and learning enrichment by making a Gift of HOPE.

$30 gives one student a safe place after school for two weeks!

Give a Gift of HOPE

Honor your friends and family with a Gift of HOPE this Christmas

When you make a donation of at least $25 per honoree to Dallas Bethlehem Center, we will send the DBC STAR of HOPE Christmas card to your gift list on your behalf.

Send us your gift list with mailing addresses and donation by December 15, 2016, for delivery before Christmas.