Rae’s Hope Tech Day: January 27, 2018

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Teaching Young Girls the Benefits of Technology

Rae’s Hope’s first Technology Day took place on January 27, 2018, at The Dallas Bethlehem Center. In attendance were:

  • 33 Rae’s Hope Girls
  • 13 Kids from the Nearby Neighborhood
  • 19 Parents
  • 15 Support Volunteers

Minds at work

The objective of Technology Day was to increase the girls’ awareness of opportunities in technology by exposing them to how technology impacts their daily lives, how it can be a future career choice, and most importantly how fun it can be!

Flow of the Day

Participants spent forty-five minutes at each station before rotating to another station based on their age level.

Volunteers were available at each station to demonstrate what the technology being showcased at the station could be used to accomplish and help the participants acquire a greater understanding of how the technology works.

Developing skills for a lifetime

Developing skills for a lifetime

The Technology

The girls and parents had an opportunity to see technology in action. Rae’s Hope had more than 40 laptop computers on site. Each laptop was loaded with software that could be utilized by both the kids and their parents. The laptops were allocated across nine (9) different stations, enabling participants to experience and learn about different technologies.

The younger girls constructed Lego structures, while middle school girls built and operated Lego Robots! High schoolers received demonstrations on how software operates many of the social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. They even learned how to construct Twitter commands and how to send messages. Parents were also afforded the opportunity to get involved and learn how to use various Microsoft Office tools, as well as some budgeting software.

With drones taking the world by storm over the last few years, Rae’s Hope was excited to have three on site to use for demonstration purposes. Everyone enjoyed seeing the drone flying around the gymnasium, and some even had the opportunity to fly a drone outside!


It was indeed a fun day, but educational as well. In addition to our commitment to help our girls with the basics of math and reading, we are also dedicated to opening their eyes to today’s technology and preparing them for the future of technology. In this way, we believe Rae’s Hope can truly accomplish its motto of Building Communities One Child at a Time!

We are certain that everyone had fun and learned something along the way. Impromptu feedback from several of the parents and kids immediately after the event indicated that Technology Day was an enjoyable experience.

The Technology Support Team


We could not have successfully accomplished our first Technology Day without the great assistance and support of many volunteers. We are grateful for the many volunteers who spent many hours preparing for and conducting the stations and training. They are the true Technology Experts!

Most importantly, Rae’s Hope would like to thank The Dallas Bethlehem Center for allowing us to utilize its facility and robot kits for this event, as well as for our routine programs held on most Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

What’s Next

Rae’s Hope is committed to assisting young girls in understanding and learning about technology and how it can assist them in achieving their goals in life.

We will continue to provide these types of events to assist all kids in achieving their full potential in a technological world.

See you at the next Rae’s Hope Technology Day!

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