What does a DBC “ANGEL” look like?

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What does a DBC “ANGEL” look like?

I had the privilege of clipping on my angel wings this week in my church’s Living Nativity. Lots of little girls and boys rushed up to me afterwards and asked if I was real and if I could fly. One little girl asked if she could be an angel. Of course, I said, “Yes!”

My idea of an angel has greatly expanded through my work at Dallas Bethlehem Center. Here, I have seen the littlest angels who play and learn at the Center, but I also see you, the “Angels” who make it all possible. Your presence is especially evident this week, as we receive the multitude of Christmas presents designed to delight a child you will never meet.

So, I call on all you angels out there who have felt the urge to deliver the spirit of Christmas to the little ones in need to take note of one mother’s story. It was your Angel Tree gifts that led this mother to call DBC with a quivering voice. At first, we feared there had been a mistake. But through her tears, she shared her story …

“My children haven’t had Christmas in four years. There was just never anything left over.”

She then talked about the DBC Christmas Celebration.

“We came to the Nativity program and had so much fun. I snuck the Angel Tree gifts to my car, and the kids went to see Santa. They were so surprised he was black, just like them, and he was speaking Spanish!”

She faltered for just a moment.

“When my kids opened their gifts on Christmas morning, they found everything they wanted. We all jumped around crying. Thank you for our very best Christmas ever!”

It is you, the DBC ANGELS, who put the spark back into the hearts of children who have all but given up on Christmas. Thank you for all you do to help DBC make magic like this all throughout the year.

Take a peek at DBC’s Nativity program and Angel distribution from 2016. Perhaps you will see your angel in the video below. This Saturday, we will do it again for 315 children of South Dallas/Fair Park because you answered the call.

You look like an ANGEL to me!

Christmas Blessings,

Fran Lobpries
Donor Relations